The hip is one of the largest weight-bearing joints in your body. It is shaped like a ball and socket. The ball is the top of the thigh bone, which is called the femoral head. The socket, called the acetabulum, is shaped like a cup and sits in the pelvis. Common causes of hip pain are osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. At first the pain may come and go and might happen only when you walk long distances, bend over, or climb stairs. As the disease gets worse, you might feel the pain when you are sitting, lying down, or even sleeping. The pain lasts for longer periods of time or doesn’t go away at all.

If your hip has become stiff or painful or you are having trouble walking, it is time to visit New England Orthopedic Specialists. Our physicians are specialty trained to provide you with the best non-surgical treatments or surgical techniques for your condition.

Our hip specialists include:

Our physicians are experts in hip procedures such as:

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